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Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Performance Coach


As a mental health expert, I understand the difference between when someone needs expert clinical help with mental health disorders and someone who needs more of a coach to achieve the goals in their life. Knowing this helps not waste your money and, most importantly, your time.

As a performance coach, I use my expertise in psychology and mental well-being to identify roadblocks on your path towards goals while drafting plans of action to work either around them or through them. While I don't provide traditional therapy at this time, as a performance coach we can focus on your future together. 

If there is ever a moment during our work together where I believe traditional therapy would help with clinical mental illness, I will refer you to an independent provider. Click below to learn more about my background, training, and guidelines of practice.



I unfortunately do not accept insurance. Insurance is only applicable to clinical services provided. What I provide at this time is coaching and only accept cash payments via Paypal or Venmo.

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